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Lea Guerlin

Although Lea Guerlin looks simply divine in the nude, this sexy spinner knows how to dress. Growing up in Nord-Pas-de-Calais, this adorable French princess made frequent trips to Paris to try out the season's finest haut couture. She'd shop 'til she'd drop, then head back home with all the satin and lace she could carry, ready to please her fans with her new naughty outfits. <br /><br /> Lea's signature style is sweet but elegant. Her slender frame and beautiful brown eyes give her an innocent allure, but even though she might look naive, this classy cutie has all the grace of a full grown woman. Her clothes are always flawless, her accent is smooth and sultry, and her walk hits every single beat. Poised and sophisticated, Lea is a monument to femininity and a shining example of French gentility. <br /><br /> Already a huge success in Europe, this sweet dream has conquered her home continent's XXX market, so it's about time to expand her empire. She made her first big leap when she appeared on the Mofos Network, catching the American eye and creating a whole lot of buzz around her sexy dignified style. She did so well that news spread of the French spinner who could take cock like a pro while still looking like a lady. When the hype reached Digital Playground, the industry bigwig swept this little hottie up, making her the star she was always destined to become, and adding another tasty treat to its pussy buffet!
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