Thông Tin Diễn Viên

Skye West

Standing at less than five feet tall, and weighing fewer than a hundred pounds, Skye West is one of the prettiest, little princesses to hit the porn scene in a long time. And what better way is there for a princess to spend her day than being pampered by some of adult entertainment's hottest guys and gals? A typical date with Miss West includes shopping for sexy dresses, a gourmet dinner, some incredibly hot sex, and then a trip to the spa in the morning. Now, you better believe this luxury-loving lady won't settle for anything less, because an evening with Skye is totally worth the expense! This gorgeous spinner is so used to getting exactly what she wants, that she never has to masturbate. The way she sees it, if she wants to have sex, she'll just go out and get some, and with a tasty little ballerina body like hers, there's no way anyone would turn her down.
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